Supporting the Arts in Western Massachusetts and Beyond


  • Who are these people? 12  people from Springfield's past (6 pairs of dynamic men whose inventions affected the world)
  • What is this about?  6 mini-scripts about these men
  • Who is it for?  school-age youth from grades 3 - 7 (and anyone else)
  • Where can it be done?  classrooms, libraries, community centers, neighborhood councils, camps
  • When can it be done?  any time, any place, indoors, outdoors
  • Who will do this?  2 "actors" (students/teachers/volunteers)
  • What do I need?  A few small props, 2 downloaded script copies
  • What is the cost?  FREE
Understanding the products, activities, and people who made Springfield great is  a special way to educate youth and adults about our history.  And what better way is there than through the arts? The plays have a light touch, and each has been reviewed by an historian.

  • Stage a play that relates to an event or holiday.
  • Work the script(s) into your curricula, or just to have some fun.
  • Script-in-hand readings are fine - no need to memorize.
  • Costuming & small props (hat, walking stick, etc.) can add to the show.
  • Actors can be: students, teachers, volunteers, local celebrities.

INTERNET EXPLORER USERS:  Use the link below to access MICROSOFT OFFICE LIVE to download the scripts.  You will be able to download the individual scripts but NOT print from this link.  Download the scripts and print from your computer.  Hover your cursor over the names of the scripts and select the download option.

Download link for Internet Explorer

ALL OTHER BROWSERS:  These links will open GOOGLE DOCUMENTS.  On the top left side of the screen you will find a drop-down menu, FILE, that has options for downloading and printing.   Internet Explorer users can view the scripts from this link but CANNOT download or print from this link.

Contact Shera Cohen c/o
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Sponsored by In the Spotlight, Inc. with assistance from the Springfield School Volunteers.

This project is supported in part by a grant from
the Springfield Cultural Council,
a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.