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August 1, 2007

Ballet du Grande Theatre de Geneve

Jacob's Pillow
August 1
By Rachel White

Staying true to founder Ted Shawn's vision and promise to bring the world's most innovative and diverse dance companies t Jacob's Pillow, the world famous dance community welcomes Ballet du Grande Theatre de Geneve to it's main stage this week. Performing two original pieces for their U.S. debut, the Switzerland based company bring a taste of the European dance scene for art enthusiasts to enjoy.

Opening the evening with Para-dice, the piece is performed with six dancers, all beautifully trained with exceptional classical ballet technique. The choreography, however, is anything but classical ballet. Crafted to demonstrate the dancers diversity, the contemporary work is performed to a variety of music, ranging from wildly exotic to tearfully beautiful. The dancers are fluid and dynamic all in the same moment and the symmetry of the lines and formations are molded with true artistic talent.

Loin is the second work performed of the evening and is a very diverse and complex piece of choreography. As a former professional dancer, turned educator and choreographer, this critic was awe inspired with the array of creative and passionate energy of which this piece was brought to life. Peppered with amazing timing and synchronized patterns, Loin is performed with beautiful athleticism and technique. A section that should be celebrated is performed wit two couples, all gorgeously trained and sculpted. A very modern twist on the classic pas de quatre, the couples demonstrate sheer grace and fluidity.

Ballet du Grande Theatre du Geneve brings a beautiful evening to their audience from the minute the curtain opens and leaves a lasting impression long after the evening ends. Though geared for the open minded dance enthusiast, the company brings a wonderful glimpse into the world of European dance and is sure to be enjoyed by all who venture into this rare and unique performance.