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July 20, 2008

Ballet Boyz

Jacob’s Pillow, Becket
though July 20
By Stacy Ashley

Founders of Ballet Boyz, Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, are changing what it means to "go to the ballet." Oh yes, audiences will still see ballet greatness -- both were former leading dancers with The Royal Ballet after all. However, also prominent will be more familiar sense of who they are through video snippets that precede each piece. Throughout the videos there's a look at a day in the life of Ballet Boyz. They are funny and real, from joking with each other to running up the steps a la "Rocky" in Philadelphia. There is even some footage of a friendly bear when they arrived at Jacob’s Pillow!

The first piece and one of their most popular, “Broken Fall,” is a visually stunning showcase of the strength and stamina of Nunn, Trevitt and Oxana Panchenko. Each movement is a catalyst, connecting the dancers as they play with balance, support and trust. At times, Panchenko is balancing on shoulders, legs and even hands. She is beautiful to watch and provides some truly breath-taking moments.

The second act began with “Edox,” performed by Panchenko and Tim Morris. Set to music by Ezio Bosso, this piece was strong, precise and powerful. In a sensual piece performed by Nunn and Panchenko, “Propeller” shifts from fluid movements to sharp, aggressive accented legs and arms. Nunn and Panchenko once again offered surprises with unpredictable partnering.

In the finale, the Boyz danced a tango…with each other. “Yumba VS Nonino” is filled with pratfalls and fake punches, showcasing their comedic versatility along with strong technical dancing. It is fun and entertaining and a fine way to end a "night at the ballet."