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November 12, 2009

Til Death Do Us Part/Late Night Catechism 3

CityStage, Springfield, MA
through November 15, 2009
by K.J. Rogowski

CityStage's "Late Night Catechism 3" confirms what most audience members already know: nuns are really funny people. This one woman show featuring Kimberly Richards as everyone's archetypal nun, has the theatregoers participating and laughing out loud from the moment she steps on to the stage and brings the entire house to a respectful hush with just "that look." And from there it's all down hill for those who are late for class, rustle papers when they should be paying attention to Sister, talk among themselves or, (perish the thought), chew gum in class! Evil doers beware, there's a Nun on the loose, and she's got your number!

The keys that make this show such a roaring success are: one, it is a classic flash back for anyone who ever stepped foot in a fifth grade classroom complete with pop quizzes, stern looks and reprimands for every and any offense, or misstep. Second, it is as much stand up comedy as it is a play, with Richards using local towns and current events as part of the act, having ongoing interaction with the audience and having a witty quip for every interaction. This Nun is "working the house" like a pro while reminding her audience that she is, indeed, the person in charge in this classroom. "You will sit up properly and pay attention and you will laugh." For those who can rise to the occasion and actually quote chapter and verse from the Baltimore Catechism, there just might be an appropriate, yet modest reward. So, for those up for an evening of divine audience participation comedy just say "Yes, Sister," and move to the front of this comedy class for laughs.