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November 23, 2010

Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez Concert

Powertown Music
Shea Theater, Turners Falls, MA
by Eric Sutter

Powertown music hosted a double bill of Americana and Indie music at the Shea Theater. Powertown is a social enterprise of The Brick House Community Resource Center The group's mission is to provide full service music production with a focus on the artist. They also provide mentoring of young adults to create a thriving sustainable music scene in Turners Falls Their ultimate goal of healthy local economic vitality.

Local Indie artist Heather Maloney opened with a set of acoustic music. Her unique voice was the ached with hints of hurt, triumph and wonder. Her song themes titled with a "Cozy Razor's Edge" showed maturity beyond her years. Let's hear more!

Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez performed in support of their new CD, "The New Bye and Bye." This magnetic duo formed in 2001 -- Taylor as a NYC songwriting legend paired with Texan Rodriguez' twang and joyous swing fiddle. Their chemistry was warm but volatile with love. Their dialogue between them, through their songs, was so right. They caught the rhythm of language between the sexes. "Your Name is on My Lips" simmered without pretension or clutter. "Sweet Tequila Blues" burned with the unabashed anger of boozy loneliness.

Whether it was despair or celebration, the melodies were memorable and lyrics hit home. This is the stuff! From the sparse sadness of "Must Be the Whiskey" to the saving grace of "Him Who Saved Me" the material was moving. The love longing of "Big Moon Shinin'" is a classic epiphany of how we touch each other's loneliness as travelers on the path of life. These songs were elixirs of love and truth enunciated by fine voices and fiddling.

Taylor was the deep voiced rough edge with Rodriguez sweet but edgy honesty counterpart. The melodic love tones continued with many tangled hues. Taylor on acoustic guitar and harmonica, accompanied by Rodriguez, showcased his hit "Angel of The Morning" as a duet. Augmented by fiddle, they fueled a rockin' version of his big hit "Wild Thing" as everyone sang it to the rafters. These troubadours found a special common ground in "The New Bye and Bye."