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July 6, 2011

Theatre: from New England to England and Back

by Shera Cohen

My eyes see the eye of horse staring back at me. The animal's face is depicted on a small button with safety pin attached to the back. The words: War Horse, New London Theatre. I will save this pin…probably forever. It will constantly remind me of my theatre trip to London, highlighted by experiencing the outstanding drama "War Horse." More on this later.

From L to R
Lauren Grossman & Shera Cohen
Our journey lasted 10 days, and I was determined to see at least five plays in the eight "real days" we were there - omitting day #1 for jet lag and day #10 for the three hour wait at the airport. "We" includes my friend of 30 years and former Bravo Newspaper partner Lauren, who lives in Arizona and loves theatre as much as I do.

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