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December 2, 2011

4 Sides of 40

CityStage, Springfield, MA
November 29, 2011
by K.J. Rogowski

CityStage’s “4 Sides of 40,” delves into the trials and tribulations of  four individuals  and the lives they lead as…forty and single, forty and newly married, forty and long time married with kids, and, of course, forty and divorced. This humorous walk through the possible perils of forty is told in an evening with four stand up comics, each with their own style and routine, and each with a tale of woe.

The cast members -- Lenny Marcus, Al Ducharme, Eric McMahon, and Patty Rosborough -- are tried and tested stand up comics, who not only deliver their funny and very salty routines, but also encourage audience participation, ranging from comic movie trivia quizzes, to hugging audience members, (watch out if you sit in the front row), to calling attention to anyone who dares to leave for the bathroom during the show (since there is no intermission), which feeds right into that running gag.

This is a production about adults. For those who attend, be aware, this is an adults only show. The stories deal with all aspects of relationships from the mundane to the intimate, and no topic is spared, told in colorful detail. Name a body part, and it's in there; name a bodily function, and it's in there; name something you don’t think they would dare say, and they’ll say it.

But it is all done for the humor and not to shock or offend, and that’s what makes this evening of comedy that folks can relate to work. It's four folks just telling their stories, like they would to any trusted group of 300 friends. Letting their hair down and cranking the humor up. It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of the 4 sides of 40.