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August 13, 2012

Capitol Steps

Cranwell Resort, Lenox, MA
through September 2, 2102
by Shera Cohen

The following are just some of the very important reasons why audiences should participate in the laughs at Capitol Steps.

Cranwell Resort in Lenox is the locale; lush site, free parking, and air conditioned.

Another Capitol Steps? How often can a person see it? The answer is once a year, at least. After all, the news changes constantly, and Capitol Steps keeps up.

Pianist is the forgotten guy at the piano in the corner; he’s a great musician playing from rock ‘n roll, to country, to jazz, keeping the show fast and fun.

I have seen Capitol Steps about 8 times, and have no doubt that I will enjoy it at least 8 more times in the future.

Thirty years ago is when Capitol Steps began their long and continuing run of spreading mirth throughout the land.

Original material is written constantly to keep up to date with the news of the day, needless to say.

Laughs, and many more laughs are assured; although having read a newspaper or watched MSNBC in the last 12 months might help.

Songs are familiar, but with specially written lyrics to fit the segments; they are a hoot.

Tale told backwards in with consonants are juxtaposed in phrases (trust me, you have to hear it) are hilarious; i.e. “pea tardy” is “tea party.” This is the funniest segment of the performance.

Election year brings out the best and funniest performances; no one can ignore Obama, Romney, et al.

Politics, professionals, and just about everyone else whose names you have heard of are equally, yet humorously bashed in song.

September 2nd is the final date to see this hilarious show.