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August 5, 2019

REVIEW: Cranwell Resort, Capitol Steps

Capitol Steps, Lenox, MA
through Labor Day Weekend, 2019
by Shera Cohen

If you have already seen Capitol Steps either in Lenox, or Washington, DC, or elsewhere across the country, there might be some hesitation – to attend or not to attend yet again. In the Spotlight has previewed and/or reviewed CS for at least 12 years.

Set reluctance aside, as each year’s, and oftentimes each month’s, CS performance is different. Why? Because the news changes daily, especially the news that seems the most ridiculous. No topic or personality is left unscathed by wit and jabs, all set to familiar music by the CS quintet; two women and three men.

Accompanied by an unnamed pianist, song styles range from Broadway one minute, 50’s music the next, Bee Gees’, and romantic serenades. The creative lyricists must have had fun rewriting “Stayin’ Alive” as sung by the aging Supreme Court Justices. The Judge Ginsberg actress completed the song by doing push-ups.

The evening was not all Trump-bashing, although there was certainly enough to go around. The four special ladies in Trump’s world also appeared: Kelly Anne, Sarah Saunders, Ivanka, and Melania. Each did her best to imitate and sound like her namesake, but that was hardly important. Wearing ill-fitting wigs and crass suits, it was obvious that no one onstage is to be taken seriously.

Other topical guests dropped in and out; i.e. Putin, Meuller, Bernie, Ben Carson and Queen Elizabeth. Topics were not solely about the comings and going on Capitol Hill, but included current hot button topics like health care, Native Americans, and TSA workers.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to credit any performer by name, because multiple troupe members are listed in the one program book that is utilized for every show in every location. But a comment on the Barak Obama actor is necessary. Obama always makes his way into a few CS skits. Past Obamas have been okay, but this year’s performer bears an uncanny resemblance, as well as the voice, and mannerisms of our past commander-in-chief.