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September 17, 2021

Review: Majestic Theater, The Marvelous Wonderettes: Dream On

Majestic Theater,West Springfield, MA
through October 17, 2021
by Konrad Rogowski

By starting off their season with “The Marvelous Wonderettes: Dream On,” the Majestic is giving their audiences what we all need after 15+ months of social distancing; a lively, fun show as the four Wonderettes reunite for an evening of popular songs from the 60’s and 70’s that folks can identify with and hum along to.

Like its predecessor "The Marvelous Wonderettes" which was performed last season “ The Marvelous Wonderettes,” current show, "Dream On" chronicles the loves, losses and rivalries of Cindi Lou (Kaytlyn Vandeloecht), Betty Jean (Tina Sparkle), Missy (Kait Rankins) and Suzy (Mollie Posnik) as all four actresses reprise their roles in a real-life reunion. 

Act I takes the audience through the 60’s on the date of the quartet's 10th year reunion, and Act II leaps ahead to their 20th. Peppered with upbeat songs and strong vocals, each Wonderette is given the opportunity to shine with solos like “Love Will Keep Us Together,” “I Will Survive,” and a rousing show finish with “We Are Family.”

Greg Trochlil’s set design for Rockville High, with its classic yellow brick gym walls, basketball hoops and PA system speakers sets the scene. The musical accompaniment by Mitch Chakoura’s band is solid. If there is any oddity in the show, it is that, unlike the Wonderettes, the band is not costumed like a high school reunion band, nor does their appearance change as we move from decade to decade. The visual is distracting since they are part of the entire reunion/time has passed concept.

All in all, this installment of the Wonderettes’ adventures is definitely worth a trip back to Rockville High.

Note: Attendees must show both their proof of Covid vaccination, and a personal ID. Masks must also be worn during the performance.