Supporting the Arts in Western Massachusetts and Beyond

May 19, 2023

PREVIEW: Paradise City Arts Festivals, 4 Pioneer Valley Artists Join in 2023

Three County Fairgrounds, Northampton, MA
May 27, 28, 29, 2023

Artists duo Jude Pokorny and Bruce Peeso call their studio Backroads Gallery, Monson, MA 

There are times when we walk the land, observing the light, the weather conditions, the colors before us, waiting for that precise moment that must be captured. We find a similarity in those moments, no matter where our wanderings have taken us, that imparts a peaceful feeling. It is that peacefulness enhanced by the sun’s rays, or dramatic weather conditions that is the focus of our work.

Our intent is not to be photographic, but rather to convey a sense of being there. Bruce’s paintings capture the vastness of the countryside and impart a timeless quality. Jude’s paintings evoke a special moment in time where a painting and narrative come together and speak to the viewer. 
Planted Pigments has its base in Adams, MA
Planted Pigments
Dyeing with plants is equal parts art, science & magic. Artist Mallorey Caron employs processes and techniques which pull from a fascination with flower "potions" as a child. Each garment, scarf or printed notecard sees many stages before the finishing touches are painted or sewn in place. 
Techniques include: growing & foraging dye plants and other materials, ancient natural dye extraction, print design, gilding, and hand carving. Every piece designed by Mallorey is handmade in her home studio using eco-friendly, recycled & sustainable materials. 

Greta Redzko, Oil, India Ink, Paint is from Cummington, MA

Greta was born and raised near Southampton. While in high school, her course selections included three art classes each day. Mrs. Harper, her high school art teacher, wrote in her yearbook, "May her ambition in life catch up to her excellent artwork." Greta remembers her grade school teacher, and thanks her for helping find her voice through art.  
Jump ahead years later to 2011, Greta delved into art as her life career. She finds the colors that surround her subjects with unique traits that surprise her clients and admirers. She prefers to paint with oils on canvas or canvas board.