Supporting the Arts in Western Massachusetts and Beyond


  • Who are these people? 12  people from Springfield's past (6 pairs of dynamic men whose inventions affected the world)
  • What is this about?  6 mini-scripts about these men
  • Who is it for?  school-age youth from grades 3 - 7 (and anyone else)
  • Where can it be done?  classrooms, libraries, community centers, neighborhood councils, camps
  • When can it be done?  any time, any place, indoors, outdoors
  • Who will do this?  2 "actors" (students/teachers/volunteers)
  • What do I need?  A few small props, 2 downloaded script copies
  • What is the cost?  FREE
Understanding the products, activities, and people who made Springfield great is  a special way to educate youth and adults about our history.  And what better way is there than through the arts? The plays have a light touch, and each has been reviewed by an historian.

  • Stage a play that relates to an event or holiday.
  • Work the script(s) into your curricula, or just to have some fun.
  • Script-in-hand readings are fine - no need to memorize.
  • Costuming & small props (hat, walking stick, etc.) can add to the show.
  • Actors can be: students, teachers, volunteers, local celebrities.

These links will open GOOGLE DOCUMENTS.  On the top left side of the screen you will find a drop-down menu, FILE, that has options for downloading and printing.

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Sponsored by In the Spotlight, Inc. with assistance from the Springfield School Volunteers.

This project is supported in part by a grant from
the Springfield Cultural Council,
a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.