Supporting the Arts in Western Massachusetts and Beyond

October 24, 2016


Eligibility: any high school senior (public, private, home school) in WMA/ NCT who has been accepted by any college/certificate program leading to a degree in any of the arts.

Arts: theatre, music, dance, writing, backstage, mime, painting, sculpting, choreographer, etc. 

Requirements: 1 page (ONLY) Letter of Interest describing your experience in your chosen art and goals for college.  Include your name, address, phone number, cell number. 

1 Letter of Reference from any of the following: teacher, artist, art venue manager, etc.

Samples of work (as many as you wish, cannot be returned, copies are fine); i.e. theatre program book  with your name, a painting, recording of song you wrote, etc. 

Judges: The MA Critics Circle Scholarship Committee 

Deadline: MAY 1, 2017; winner will be announced at the Awards in early June, date TBA. 

Mail to: Shera Cohen, In the Spotlight, 235 State Street, #102, Springfield, MA 01103