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November 6, 2017

Crimes of The Heart

Majestic Theater, West Springfield, MA
through December 10, 2017
by Konrad Rogowski

Photo by Lee Chambers
The Majestic Theater’s “Crimes Of The Heart” delivers a performance of comic chaos as the three Magrath sisters – Babe, Lenny, and Meg – attempt to resolve not only their personal crises, but also their very public dilemmas. These trials and tribulations range from insecurity, guilt and sibling jealousies, to infidelity, home wrecking and attempted murder. All elements are makings of a fine family reunion.

Set in a small town in the deep South in the 1970’s, the sisters’ miss-adventures make them the talk of the town, and draw the uninvited meddling of folks like Chick Boyle, an intrusive and highly opinionated relative with more than enough to say about each of their circumstances. Attempting to stabilize their topsy-turvy world are the legal efforts and simmering romantic inclinations of young attorney, Barnette Lloyd, who, himself, has some ulterior motives in taking on the defense of sister Babe. Then, there is the married old flame of another sister, whose presence has free-spirit Meg aglow. Add to this, two never seen characters who agitate the sisters’ days and nights from their respective hospital beds: old Grand-daddy, the family patriarch, hovering between this world and the next; and Babe’s gut shot hubby, who has unresolved anger control and legal issues galore.

The cast, under the direction of Cate Damon, adeptly carry off the careful balance of comedy and human drama needed when mixing scenes of the hilarity of donning ill-fitting pantyhose, and those of the genuine trauma of abuse. Set designer Greg Trochlil provides a warm and intimate setting for all these tail-spin tales to be resolved. There are more than enough laughs to be enjoyed in this story of three sisters learning how to survive crimes of the heart.