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July 23, 2012

The Hong Kong Ballet

Jacob’s Pillow, Becket, MA
through July 22, 2012
by Amy Meek

The Hong Kong Ballet’s debut performance at Jacob’s Pillow was a beautiful and eclectic program. The company presented three contemporary works showcasing the dancers’ technique and artistry. All of the components of choreography, dancing, costumes, and lighting contributed to make the performance emotionally powerful.

The first ballet, "Black On Black," by Kinsun Chan, explored the different meanings of the color black. The dancers worked together well, dancing in geometric shapes with grounded movements. The dramatic music, costumes and lighting created an intense effect of beauty and strength.

Peter Quanz’s ballet "Luminous," in contrast, had an airy feel and sustained movements. This piece showed the complex emotions of human relationships. The dancers, clothed all in white, alternated between exuberance and control. The music by Marjan Mozetich was breathtaking and communicated the feel of longing in the ballet.

The final ballet was "Symphony in Three Movements," a work choreographed by Nils Christe. This war-inspired piece, set to Igor Stravinsky’s score, was a display of power and technique. The ensemble group sequences were the most intriguing to watch with the dancers in unison through many dynamic and percussive passages.

The Hong Kong Ballet truly howed off their versatility and talent as a company. The audience was very responsive, rising to their feet at the end of the performance.  Jacob’s Pillow once again has given Western Massachusetts a summer season filled with the highest caliber international dance companies.