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June 15, 2022

Preview: Great Barrington Public Theater, Leave Your Fears Here

Great Barrington Public Theater, Great Barrington, MA
June 30-July 10, 2022

"Leave Your Fears Here" is a loving and insightful memoir written and performed by the accomplished and familiar stage and screen actor James Morrison. In a riveting performance that legendary producer Norman Lear called “An extremely moving play by an extremely moving performer,” the actor recounts his 10-year-old son Seamus’ daunting passage from brain cancer diagnosis, through treatment to ultimate recovery, and how he inspired courage and change in others, most notably his father. It’s a profound, heroic story of the power of hope leading to triumph in the darkest hours.

When catastrophic illness strikes suddenly, lives are rudderless. When their son all at once faced numerous physical disabilities and a life-threatening diagnosis, Morrison, his wife and family had to face reality and mortality while simultaneously navigating the labyrinth of 21st century life and medical processes. They and other adults found themselves transcended by their son’s courage, innate wisdom, and ability to face and accept harrowing experience with truth, strength, humor, and poetic nature.

Directed by Robert Egan, the play was incubated, developed, and first staged at the award-winning Ojai Playwrights Conference.

Actor James Morrison/Credit Zaugh Photography
Audiences will recognize James Morrison from 24, Law and Order SVU, The West Wing, Six Feet Under, and other series and movies. “It’s more than just a story about a boy who had brain cancer,” he says. “It’s about each of us walking into unknown, frightening places, realizing our untapped strengths and powers, and learning how to bring courage to life, even when the lesson is being taught by your child. Theatre is my medium, it’s where I started as an actor 50 years ago, and along with being Seamus’ father, I’ve always felt it was what I was put here to do, so it only seems natural to bring my story to the stage. If making our journey public allows one person to feel hope or gratitude as they navigate, battle, and conquer their fears, I’ve succeeded beyond measure.”